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Keep up to date with Employment Law issues

Legal Edocs is a new membership site that provides up-to-date information, guidance and documentation for employers, busy HR departments and SMEs. Launching shortly, Legal Edocs will provide tailored Employment Contracts, Service Agreements and Company Handbooks as well as useful flowcharts and a knowledge base of advice and answers to Employment Law issues.

Additionally an email advice service will operate for paid-up members to assist on specific questions of employment law or practice. Legal Edocs Limited is NOT a law firm but its directors are former solicitors (now non-practising or retired). As Legal Edocs Limited is not a firm of solicitors it is able to offer these services at a much cheaper cost.

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Don't get caught out by the frequent changes in employment law. The law relating to employing staff can change several times a year, you only need think of the smoking ban, parental leave, retirement ages, minimum wage changes, etc, etc. With a Legal Edocs membership you can keep apprised of any changes that might affect you without constant research. Furthermore, if you have a problem with redundancy, dismissal or other issues you can get advice and download precedent letters and procedural checklists from our library. Better still you can avoid problems by having properly drafted employment contracts and handbooks in the first place.

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